Shweshwekini Cotton Masks (pack of 5)
Shweshwekini Cotton Masks (pack of 5)
Shweshwekini Cotton Masks (pack of 5)

Shweshwekini Cotton Masks (pack of 5)

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Choose between our selection of cotton or spandex masks at affordable rates. 

Fabric Masks

Fabric Composition:100% Three Cats Shweshwe

Comfortable Three Ply Mask Reusable cotton face masks

Comes in various colours to suit your preference

One size

Cotton straps

*Colours may vary

NOTE : Use the mask to prevent spreading infections when in public and practice good hygienic care such as frequently washing hands with soap and water or using a hand sanitizer.

Wash care instructions:

  • Wash with washing powder/detergent and water, rinse and dry after every use
  • Sun dry only and do not tumble dry
  • Do not share your mask with anyone else
  • Do not throw or leave your mask in open public spaces 

* If you have any COVID-19 symptoms, please visit your doctor, local clinic or nearest public health facility to get tested.



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